School Board

The St. John Eudes School Board is a parish consultative body which includes the pastor, principal, PTSO representative and other members appointed by the pastor. Membership is drawn from parishioners, school parents (who may comprise up to 33% of the membership), alumni, parents of alumni, civic and business leaders, and area educators and clergy.

Its purpose is to assist the pastor and principal by providing advice and counsel particularly in respect to strategic planning, policy formulation, evaluation of policies and plans, institutional advancement and development, comprehensive programs to advance and enhance the school, financial planning and management, and enhancing the school’s communication and mission.

The School Board works as a parish organization in conjunction with the PTSO to support the school. Current information on the School Board, including a listing of officers and members, can be found in the School Handbook.


All parents or legal guardians of SJE students and school faculty members are eligible to be members of the St. John Eudes Parent-Teacher Support Organization (PTSO).

There are four main objectives of the PTSO, which include (1) to be a bi-directional communication source with its Executive Council as a liaison between parents, teachers, principal, and pastor; (2) to be a support system for home and school spiritual, social, and educational activities; (3) to be a financial support system for the school through fundraisers and resources, including such activities as the Spring Fundraiser and the SJE Summer Carnival; (4) and through its Executive Council, to serve in an advisory capacity to the pastor and principal in matters relating to school policies.

Elections to the PTSO Executive Council are held on an annual basis. Current information on the PTSO, including a listing of Executive Council officers and members, can be found in the School Handbook.


Room Parents work to support our students and teachers by helping to build school community through parental involvement in daily classroom activities. There are two Room Parents assigned per classroom and are headed by the Room Parent Coordinators.

Under the direction of the teacher, Room Parents assist with birthdays, Christmas programs and other responsibilities deemed appropriate by the classroom teacher. Room Parents are also involved with a number of other school functions such as the Jog-a-Thon, bake sales, and creating auction items for the PTSO Spring Fundraiser, among other various fundraisers. They also coordinate or help-out with the First Penance reception, the faculty Christmas luncheon, the graduation dinner dance, Student Appreciaiton Day, and Catholic Schools Week.

It is a rewarding experience to be a Room Parent and be directly involved in school activities that support the children and families. More information about the Room Parents can be found in the School Handbook.