Donating to St. John Eudes School

Donor Honor Roll

The tuition that Catholic school families pay covers only a part of the cost of maintaining the school program and we strive to keep tuition affordable for all families. To do this, we must depend on the generosity of alumni and friends to help cover funding needs – particulary since the school, although it receives exceptional support from the parish community, does not receive a direct subsidy or allocation from general parish funds.

These funding needs often relate to important programs that are essential to a well rounded education and are vital to our children in their early development. They also relate to tuition assistance for needy families since it is the express policy of St. John Eudes School not to deny a Catholic education to any student due to financial hardship.

Based on these considerations, and in order to meet the needs of our current students and provide for future security and growth, there are three specific giving opportunities available to donors at St. John Eudes School:

Annual Fund

The resources that are available to our school children have a great impact on the type of education they receive. The 21st Century has brought amazing advances in educational opportunities and tools – particularly in the field of technology. It has also brought the challenge of funding these opportunities and of providing the best for our children in relationship to traditional educational goals and school safety. These needs often relate to important programs that are essential to a well rounded education and are vital to our children in their early development.

The St. John Eudes School Annual Fund Campaign is a key element in fundraising for the school. It provides needed resources necessary to fund current technology, education, and safety programs. The fund also gives alumni, alumni families, and friends the opportunity to show their support for the important mission of St. John Eudes School and Saint Paula Montal – teaching and inspiring students to be life-long learners who live their faith. Donations received through the Annual Fund are used specifically to fund current educational needs and to enhance school programs. Donations to the Annual Fund may be made at anytime during the year, and may be made as memorial gifts. Donors of $25 or more are recognized at varying levels by a plaque maintained in the School Office and by a special publication at the end of the school year.

Contributions to the Annual Fund are greatly appreciated. Download the donation form and send in your gift today.


For over 40 years our St. John Eudes School families and friends have been remarkably generous in assuring that future generations have the resources of a Catholic education available to them. These resources have allowed us to provide an education which is Christ centered and founded on principles which inspire students to be life-long learners who live their faith.

Families who send their children to a Catholic school recognize the value of such an education. They willingly make a deep commitment to support and pay for this education. However, enrolling a child in a Catholic school does pose a significant financial hardship on some families. But it has always been our belief that every child should have the opportunity to pursue a Catholic education. And it is our goal to provide as much financial assistance to needy students as possible.

The Adopt-A-Student Program was established to help us achieve this goal. Your support, at any level, will go directly to help a needy student and will make a dramatic impact on the life of a child. That child will forever know that someone cared enough to give them the opportunity and gift of a Catholic education. And you will forever be for them a reflection of Christ’s love and care. Download the pledge card and send in your gift today.


“Those who have been baptized must be trained to live the newness of Christian life in justice and in the holiness of truth. The cause of Catholic education is the cause of Jesus Christ and of his Gospel at the service of man.”
Pope Benedict XVI, The Spirit of the Liturgy, (SF, CA: Ignatius, 2000), p. 136


The cause of a Catholic education is fostered in our children by the dedication of our school to academic excellence, as well as to Catholic morals, beliefs, and values.  It is these characteristics that are central to the mission of St. John Eudes School. And it is in support of this mission, and its continued success, that the St. John Eudes School Endowment Trust Fund was established.

The Endowment is an independent fund, chartered by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, which is administered by a Board of Trustees that includes the pastor and principal, as well as SJE alumni, and current and former SJE parents. Donations to the Endowment are added to a base fund and are held in reserve to be used in an emergency to assure the continued existence of the school. The fund however generates investment income and, within the terms of the Endowment, that income can be used for current school purposes. The income has already been used to purchase books, improve classroom technology, build a science lab, and upgrade classroom communications. But there are many additional opportunities and changing demands that require the use of Endowment income resources and support.

Please help the St. John Eudes School Endowment further the important educational ministry of the Church. Your contribution will keep the promise of a Catholic education alive for the children of our parish school, now and in the future. For more information about how to contribute, download the donation form.

Charter of the St. John Eudes School Endowment

To make specific or restricted donations, as well as gifts-in-kind, please contact the school principal, parish pastoral assistant, or pastor. Memorial gifts may be made to any of the donation programs. For information on how to leave a gift for the school in a trust or will, please contact the SJE School development director.

In addition to our donation opportunities, we invite you to take part in our fundraising programs and events to help our school. More information and details about these programs and events is available on our fundraising webpage.