50th Jubilee School Timeline

Taking a Look Back:
A 50th Jubilee Timeline of the History of St. John Eudes School

It’s always good to look back a little to remember where you’ve come from – and so you know where you’re going. But though it is a little difficult to pick out all the highlights of school history for the last 50 years, here are some that we think are the most memorable . . .


St. John Eudes School opens

  • The Sisters of the Pious
    Schools (Scholarum Piarum – Sch. P.) accept administration and teaching duties. 170 students are enrolled in the 1st thru 4th Grade classes. Fr. Philip Grill is pastor. Sr. Beatrice Moreno, Sch. P., becomes first principal.

New Principal

  • Sr. Elizabeth Candelaria, Sch. P., takes over as principal. The school flagpole is erected. A young student at San Fernando Valley College (now CSUN), Ron Allington, starts helping with the sports program. 5th and 6th Grades are added.

School Mascot

  • Sr. Beatrice Moreno returns as principal. The eagle is adopted as the school’s mascot. 7th Grade
    is added.

First 8th Grade Class

  • 8th Grade is added. Ron  Allington becomes the first 8th Grade teacher.


  • Enrollment peaks at 40 students per class. The first yearbook, “The Eagle”
    is published.

Sr. Rosemary

  • Sr. Rosemary Bochniarz, Sch. P., becomes principal. The first 8th Grade class that started as 1st Graders graduates. Students enter high school being taught “to Live, to Love, to Learn, and to Leave a Legacy

Room Mothers

  • The “Room Mothers” (known
    today as the “Room Parents) raise funds to
    provide computers in every classroom.

Fr. McNamara

  •  Fr. Robert McNamara becomes pastor
  • as Fr. Grill retires


  • Fr. McNamara & Sr. Rosemary
    establish the SJE School Parent-Teacher Support Organization (PTSO). It was established to form an advisory council for the pastor and principal, and to provide an organizational focus for parent resources.

Endowment Fund

  • School Endowment Fund established. First computer network system is

First Spring Fundraiser

  • The First PTSO Spring Fundraiser, “Monte Carlo Night”, is held. “Parental
    Participation” & “Volunteer Service Hours” Programs become a requirement. 

Northridge Earthquake

  • The 6.7 magnitude Northridge Earthquake hits at 4:30 am on January 17. After extensive inspection of the buildings, the school is ready to reopen in 2 weeks. The church however is “red tagged” and for 2½ years a tent on the field will be the church building


  • Rebuilding of the church
    after the Northridge Earthquake is completed and includes a new plaza
    and Msgr. Grill Hall, available for use by the school and parish. The Kindergarten classroom opens in the school’s former garage. “Glow Buddies” & “Character Counts Coalition” programs become part of the school’s focus on values and ethics


  • New “state-of-the-art” Pentium computers are purchased for each classroom. School gets internet access and enters cyberspace age with new website: “www.school.stjohneudes.org”
    Sometime later the shorter URL “www.sjeschool.net” was registered