Those who have been baptized must be trained to live the newness of Christian life in justice and in the holiness of truth. The cause of Catholic education is the cause of Jesus Christ and of his Gospel at the service of man.”Pope Benedict XVI, The Spirit of the Liturgy, (SF, CA: Ignatius, 2000), p. 136

The cause of a Catholic education is fostered in our children by the dedication of our school to academic excellence, as well as to Catholic morals, beliefs, and values.  It is these characteristics that are central to the mission of St. John Eudes School. And it is in support of this mission, and its continued success, that the St. John Eudes School Endowment Trust Fund was established.

The Endowment is an independent fund, chartered by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, which is administered by a Board of Trustees that includes the pastor and principal, as well as SJE alumni, and current and former SJE parents. Donations to the Endowment are added to a base fund and are held in reserve to be used in an emergency to assure the continued existence of the school. The fund however generates investment income and, within the terms of the Endowment, that income can be used for current school purposes. The income has already been used to purchase books, improve classroom technology, build a science lab, and upgrade classroom communications. But there are many additional opportunities and changing demands that require the use of Endowment income resources and support.

Please help the St. John Eudes School Endowment further the important educational ministry of the Church. Your contribution will keep the promise of a Catholic education alive for the children of our parish school, now and in the future. For more information about how to contribute, download the donation form.

Charter of the St. John Eudes School Endowment