Since its founding in 1966, St. John Eudes School has taught its students "to Live, to Love, to Learn, and to Leave a Legacy." SJE Alumni have carried these goals and the values of a Catholic education into adult life and have excelled spiritually, academically, and professionally. And as our alumni have taken their places in the world, they have become exceptional examples to our students of the value and benefits of a St. John Eudes education. So, each year we recognize an alumnus as the Alumnus of the Year to be an example to our students of a life-long learner who has applied the principles of a Catholic education in their daily lives.
Alumni also often express that they cherish the sense of community that is the core of the educational experience at St. John Eudes School. Many return to visit SJE to keep in contact with their former teachers and classmates, and we we encourage our alumni, and alumni parents and families, to maintain contact with our school community.
Alumni wishing current information about St. John Eudes School, or who want to be added to our alumni mailing database, may contact our Alumni Relations Director at
St. John Eudes School is blessed to have many friends and supporters who see the exceptional value and importance in the mission of Catholic education. The HeartBeat newsletter is published quarterly to keep our friends informed of the activities and events at the school. Friends are also invited to participate in a wide range of activities including school Masses, social events, and sports competitions. Friends of the school also provide essential support through donations and tutorial assistance.